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Healing Couples with "The 15-Minute Relationship Fix"

Award-winning psychologist Dr. Joel Block is repairing and strengthening love lives with his groundbreaking Emotional Conference technique

Everyone is busy, and for couples with relationship struggles, it can feel like taking the time to fix them just isn’t doable. Splitting up can start to feel like an inevitability. Psychologist and author Dr. Joel Block is helping many struggling couples turn things around – in just 15 minutes a week!

His evidence-based book is an indispensable tool for any couple interested in couples’ therapy, sex therapy, or relationship help, and effective solutions for these issues that involve a minimal time investment:

The 15-Minute Relationship Fix:

A Clinically Proven Strategy That Will Repair and Strengthen Your Love Life

A Weekly Emotional Conference

At the heart of Dr. Block’s relationship-healing strategy is a tool he created for his patients: the Emotional Conference. In “The 15-Minute Relationship Fix,” he guides couples in setting up this 15-minute check-in once a week.

“‘The 15-Minute Relationship Fix’ is for everyone who yearns for an intimate relationship and wonders why it seems so elusive,” says Dr. Block. “It is for couples who are experiencing emptiness and loneliness in their relationship and dream of rediscovering the deep intimacy that existed in the early days. And it is for people (even if not currently in a relationship) who are interested in boosting their powers of relating – to anyone! My wife and I did the Emotional Conference consistently for two years. It unequivocally strengthened our marriage and helped us grow as individuals, as well.”

How does the Emotional Conference work?

* The Emotional Conference consists of a 15-minute meeting at the same time each week. Consider it a “date night” of a different sort.
* The agenda is feelings – a reflection on where the feelings have their roots, as well as taking responsibility for one’s feelings.
* The primary activity involves each partner spending five minutes talking about how the other’s actions have affected him or her emotionally.
* When the speaker is sharing during his or her five minutes, interruption is not permitted. “Real intimacy is not about getting the response you want, but handling the response you get,” says Dr. Block.
* While one partner is speaking, the other is listening. Each partner will mirror (reflect back) what the other has said when he or she is finished. The two or three minutes of mirroring accounts for the full fifteen minutes of the experience.

In “The 15-Minute Relationship Fix,” Dr. Block offers an in-depth series of guidelines and suggestions to lead couples through this experience.

“If done every week,” he says, “it is a jet-fueled period that will give both partners the valuable opportunity to consider how their actions affect each other, learn to listen attentively and reveal themselves, as well as accept each other’s feelings without becoming defensive or dismissive. What’s more, the experience not only strengthens couples’ connections, it builds individual authenticity and maturity and increases emotional intelligence.”

Healing Relationships, Healing the Self

Beyond transforming relationships, Dr. Block’s Emotional Conference tool also empowers each individual in the relationship to strengthen their sense of self.

“The Emotional Conference is a powerful tool that can contribute to the process of strengthening your ‘I’ and repairing your sense of ‘We.’ It is deceptively straightforward in that there is more to it than meets the eye. If it is done conscientiously and regularly over a considerable period of time, it will prompt you to take time from a busy day to focus on your feelings, the emotional patterns in your relationship, and the patterns that you bring to your coupling from your family of origin. What’s more, it will very powerfully enrich you as an individual in your own right. In short, it will help you become comfortable in your own skin and develop an enviable love life.”

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